International Women’s Day

by | Mar 26, 2023 | General

Celebrating Women!!

March is known as the month for women, but it is important that we make ours all year round. With the passing of the years, women have been taking our place in society and showing and demanding our values and rights. Despite this, it is also important that we treat ourselves like queens.

Some of the ways we can achieve this are:

One of the ways we can strengthen our self-love is by strengthening the attitudes and behaviors that help us meet our needs. On the other hand, identify and work on the areas that affect us negatively. It is recommended that we also dedicate time, for example doing activities that make us feel beautiful and valuable, such as wearing the clothes we like, putting on makeup, spending time with friends, going out to dinner, and exercising.

Another area we should reflect on is the way we take care of our physical and mental health. Leading a healthy lifestyle, going for a walk, taking care of our diet, and having a sleep routine, are good strategies to have a balance that will benefit our energies, spirits, and performance. In addition to this, to take care of our mental health we must start with the way we take care of our body, since the way we eat and exercise influences our emotions. Activities such as Yoga and meditation are beneficial for balancing our emotions and connecting with our inner selves. Nor should we forget our support system, since attending therapy is the best option when we feel that we cannot cope with our problems, and we seek external support to ventilate, accept or let go of problems or situations in our life.

“Behind every great woman, there is a story that made her a warrior”


Written by Rosmer Mena